Injured passengers carried off Delta plane in stretchers after severe turbulence: video

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A Delta Air Lines passenger captured video of travelers being carried off a plane in stretchers after a flight to Atlanta encountered severe turbulence. 

The footage was taken after the plane, traveling from Milan on Tuesday, hit a violent patch of air approximately 40 miles northeast of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, according to reports. 

“My flight #delta175 hit severe turbulence and dropped, and folks including myself went flying up out their seats,” Ayo Suber, the passenger who filmed the video, posted on Instagram. “One woman hit the overhead bin and cracked it. There were several injuries including most of the flight attendants.” 

“We made an emergency landing and the non-seriously injured had to stay on the plane until a new flight crew came in because you can’t debark without one,” she added. 


The video appears to show a crack in an overhead bin and one passenger holding a bag of ice to her head.  

Two other passengers are then seen being carried one by one off the airplane in stretchers. 

“Delta Care Team members are mobilizing to connect with customers,” Delta Air Lines said in a statement after the plane landed.  

The company added, “Our priority is taking care of our customers and crew who sustained injuries.” 

The plane carried 151 passengers, 10 flight attendants and four pilots. 

Approximately 11 individuals, including crew members, were transported to the hospital after landing.  

Flight 175, an Airbus A350, managed to safely land around 7:00 p.m.  


The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the matter, according to officials.  

No details were provided on the injuries sustained by the 11 individuals. Uninjured travelers were given food and lodging before being rebooked, Delta said. 

The flight into Atlanta was not the only case of severe turbulence on commercial airlines in recent days. 

A dramatic video has also captured the moment passengers on a plane reportedly heading to the Spanish island of Mallorca were screaming in terror as the aircraft they were traveling in encountered severe turbulence.  

In a social media post, Estela Orts, who recorded the footage, said she was flying back to the island after visiting family in the port city of Alicante, according to The Daily Mail.  


In a video posted on her Instagram account, passengers could be heard screaming as the plane bobs up and down.  

FOX Business’ Timothy Nerozzi contributed to this report. 

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