Dam In East Texas On ‘Potential Failure Watch’

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Officials in East Texas declared a “potential failure watch” status over concerns that heavy rains in the Houston region may result in a structure issue at the spillway of the Lake Livingston Dam. 

On Friday night, The Trinity River Authority confirmed that the spillway “has been adversely impacted by the recent heavy rainfall and flooding in the dam’s drainage area.” 

“While there is no immediate danger of either failure or breach of the dam, the potential does exist however remote it might be,” the river authority’s statement continued, adding, “The day-to-day operation of the dam will continue as necessary, although normal gate operations may vary as conditions dictate.”

“Beginning April 28, the Piney Woods region of the state received torrential rainfall that included more than 20 inches of rain falling in a seven-day period near the lake,” Houston Chronicle said. 

Here’s footage of the dam:

Early last week, a century-old concrete gravity dam on the Blue Earth River in Rapidan Township, near Rapidan, Minnesota, experienced a ‘partial failure.’ 

To summarize, America’s aging critical infrastructure is deteriorating as the lifespans reach their limits. However, leftist corporate media outlets continue to attribute failing infrastructure to climate change. Rather than funneling tens of billions of dollars of US taxpayer funds to Ukraine, the American people should demand that political elites in Washington, DC, fix America first before any more foreign wars.


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