Joe Biden Campaign Kicks Donald Trump With David Beckham Meme

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The right-wing Heritage Foundation’s playbook is widely expected to be the bedrock of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Trump’s agenda if he wins back the White House. Its extreme policy proposals are now coming under increasing scrutiny and Trump has attempted to distance himself from it.

Biden’s team shared a meme on X, formerly Twitter, referring to that viral “be honest” moment from England soccer legend David Beckham to his wife, Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham, during Netflix’s “Beckham” docuseries.

In the show, David Beckham repeatedly presses Victoria — while poking his head around a door — over her claim to come from a “very working class” background, until she finally admits her father drove a Rolls-Royce.

“Thank you,” David says, before disappearing.

Biden’s team imagined Beckham grilling Trump in a similar way on Project 2025, telling the ex-POTUS to “be honest” before Trump finally admits that “at least 16” of his top advisors are “directly involved” in its creation.

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