Maggie Haberman Says This Joe Biden Move Is ‘Delighting’ Team Trump

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And that, said Haberman, is why presumptive GOP nominee Trump’s team is “delighting in” the president’s statements about continuing his campaign, despite facing increasing calls to quit following his terrible debate performance.

“I think the idea of not having Biden in the race has been of concern to a number of Trump advisers,” said Haberman. But “whether they would say that or not, I think, as openly is a different issue,” she acknowledged.

Trump’s campaign likely “know what a race” against Biden “looks like or think they do and they felt obviously very good about what happened in the debate,” Haberman continued.

But “a change in that would potentially impact their calculus for what the next four months look like,” she added. “So, the fact that President Biden is digging in and telling his critics in the Democratic Party that he’s not going anywhere is something that the Trump team is delighting in.”

Watch Haberman’s analysis here:

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