Watch Right-Wing Hearts Break In Real Time At France Election News

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Cameras on Sunday captured the moment enthusiasm turned into la désillusion among France’s far-right.

Supporters of Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally cut decidedly dejected figures as exit polls predicted their third place in national polls. It contrasted starkly with the elation shown by supporters of the leftist New Popular Front coalition, the unexpected winners.

BFMTV shared a split screen showing, on the left, what it described as an “explosion of joy” at a New Popular Front election event in Paris. On the right, National Rally supporters at a nearby party appeared to be simply stunned.

The full video of the National Rally response has gone viral on social media:

TF1Info shared a similar split screen highlighting the ecstasy of the left and agony of the right:

France 3 Rhône-Alpes, meanwhile, shared a video of National Rally members in Rhône excitedly anticipating the exit poll result ― and failing to contain their disappointment with the announcement:

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