ArtSugar Launches A Nursery Line And Collaboration With Play-Doh

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There’s more pressure than ever to create an aesthetic nursery. From Instagram to TikTok, it’s quite apparent the days of basic pink and blue are over. Although beige has been a major trend in recent years, many parents are looking to add more color and fun to these spaces. In other words—a sense of wonder is back. No one is more aware of this than Alix Greenberg, founder of ArtSugar. This and her own pregnancy is the reason why she recently launched a nursery line with art, decor, and even onesies to match. “We all want what’s best for our newborns, but social media has definitely put even more pressure on us to make our nurseries perfect,” she explains.

“With feeds full of interior design inspiration, ideas are endless, even overwhelming. ArtSugar has always curated fun, happy pieces that elevate. I wanted to do the same for nurseries by adding a little color and cheekiness. Hopefully, this curated collection speaks to all new moms and moms-to-be.”

Founded in 2017, ArtSugar is a thriving art and home decor brand that collaborates with popular artists including Michael Turchin, Jessica Stempel, and Angie Crabtree among many others. From framed prints and canvases to cutting boards and acrylic trays—everything is cheerful, bright, and has a whimsical edge.

Here’s everything you need to know about the ArtSugar’s latest offerings.

Sugar Baby

As she was planning this new venture, Greenberg was thinking a lot about how she was going to incorporate art into her future child’s nursery. The result was a collection that easily integrated into more or less any style room. “Our nursery wall art comprises soft color palettes, mild tones, and easily digestible, soothing subject matter, that mix and match well together,” says the founder.

“In designing these products, I was always thinking about what ‘felt’ like newborn and had the right vibe for a nursery. You’ll notice the collection is missing the pop aesthetic found in many of the products we sell on ArtSugar.”

The Collection

The line features new prints as well as a curated selection of previously offered options. The Watercolor Rainbow Framed Print, and Watercolor Rainbow Cloud framed print are Greenberg’s personal favorites. Each one comes with a choice of a black or white frame. Best of all, these pieces are gender-neutral, making them ideal for gifting.

Can’t decide how to choose art for your nursery? Greenberg recommends going with soft hues that won’t clash with your furniture or other decor. “The room should be peaceful and one thing shouldn’t draw too much attention.”

In addition to art, there are towels, swaddles and blankets in the line.

Collaboration With Play-Doh

ArtSugar also recently launched a collaboration with treasured Hasbro brand, Play-Doh. Greenberg created the art by smashing together Play-Doh in various colors and photographing it.

These pieces make the perfect addition to a kid’s room or even for a toddler who may be enjoying the classic toy for the first time. With bold contrasting shades, these designs embrace Play-Doh’s magical quality. Choose from framed prints, canvases, posters, and a cutting board ideal for adding a pop of color to any kitchen.

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