Home Away From Home: The Best Gifts For College Students

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While going off to college can be an exciting experience, student will no doubt miss the creature comforts of home. And whether they’re living in a dorm room or in off-campus housing, college student will also appreciate tools to help make life more convenient or fun.

These are the best gifts for college students.

Twelve South BookBook V2 Leather Hidden Laptop Case

Stop theft in its tracks with the Twelve South BookBook V2 Leather Hidden Laptop Case, which is hand-finished and distressed to look like a typical English Literature book. However, it’s actually a leather laptop case with reinforced corners, a microfiber lining, and a cushioned spine. The case, which has zipper pulls that look like bookmarks, can hold most MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13-inch models. It also has a hidden panel to hold paper documents. And whether in a dorm room or on a study table at the library, would-be thieves are sure to overlook it, making this the perfect laptop case.

Vantum Gaming Chair

What do you get when you combine Herman Miller (one of the leaders in office chairs) with Logitech G (one of the leaders in advanced gaming experiences)? The Vantum Gaming Chair, which is a performance chair designed for gaming. The forward-leaning alignment keeps gamers in an optimal playing position, while proving support for the head, neck, and shoulders. If you already know your college student is going to spend hours playing games, you may as well make them comfortable. The chair in available in solid black, black/red or black/white.

XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro Portable Video Projector

Eliminate the need for a bulky TV with this XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro Portable Projector. Your college student can project their favorite TV shows and movies from Nexflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and other popular streaming services in 1920 x 1080 resolution. There’s also three-dimensional sound on both sides of the projector as a result of two 8W speakers and Dolby Audio compatibility. The projector weighs 2.42 pounds and is only 6.33 inches tall, so it’s also easy to transport.

Hug Sleep Hooded Sleep Pod Move

Some college students may struggle to fall asleep if this is their first time away from home. However, the Hug Sleep Hooded Sleep Pod Move is like an uber-lightweight version of a weighted blanket. It provides a gentle, calming sensation that’s similar to being hugged. The 4-way stretch fabric is lightweight and ultrasoft for a cozy yet cool felling. Also, the feet can be kept in or out of the cover. It’s available in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL) and three colors (graphite, ruby, and turquoise).

Company Store Turkish Cotton Bath Towel Set

A quality set of towels can last through the school year and make each shower feel like a spa. The Company Cotton Turkish Cotton Bath Towel Set includes two washcloths, two hand towels and two bath towels. Made of 100% combed Turkish cotton, each one is plush and soft, and has dobby striping. The towels are also absorbent and quick drying, and available in dozens of color choices. Some of the options include slate blue, jute, pumpkin, garnet, purple, pink lady, turquoise, marsh green, silver, and smoke gray.

Ninja Thirsti Drink System

College students tend not to have a lot of refrigerator space for juice and drinks. However, with the Ninja Thirsti Drink System, they’ll have everything that need in one slim design. This sparkling water system uses a CO2 canister and eliminates the need for canned and plastic bottled drinks. Setting include still, low fizz, medium fizz, and high fizz bubbles. But unlike many sparkling water makers, the Ninja Thirsti Drink System lets you mix and max over 20 sweetened and unsweetened flavors across four drink lines for customized drinks. Some of flavors include Tropical Pineapple (Unsweetened), Dragon Fruit with Vitamin B3, B6, and B12 (Sweetened), Peach Mango (Sweetened), and Coconut Pineapple (Sweetened).

TruSens Air Purifier

Clean air is more important than ever, but many air purifiers are big and bulky. The TruSens Air Purifier has a slim design (8” in diameter and 22” high) that won’t take up much floor space. It has simple touch controls, and 5 fan speeds. And the carry handle makes it easy to transport the air purifier from room to room. There are several purification levels, including a washable prefilter, carbon filter, HEPA filter – and there’s also a UV-C light that can be turned on and off. In addition, the air purifier has timer settings for 2, 4, 8, and 12 hours.

Skokz Open Run Pro Bone Conduction Sports Headphones

When walking and running around campus, if your college student is wearing earbuds, they’re probably totally immersed in the music. However, this may put them at a disadvantage if they can’t hear what’s going on around them. The Shokz Open Run Pro Bone Conduction Sports Headphones aren’t traditional earbuds that fit in the ear canal. Instead the open-ear headphones bypass the eardrum and use vibrations sent through the cheekbones to provide sound directly to the inner ear. As a result, ambient sounds can still be heard. This type of headphone is also comfortable, since it eliminates the pressure that can result from wearing in-ear headphones for an extended time.

Ultenic U12 Vesla Cordless Stick Vacuum

Your college student may actually like cleaning up with this Ultenic U12 Vesla Cordless Stick Vacuum. It has a dashboard design similar to a sports car, and displays the power level in a way that is comparable to a speedometer. The display also shows battery level, remining power before the vacuum needs to be recharged, and has several LED light indicators. The lightweight vacuum cleaner has a tangle-free roller brush, and can lie flat to vacuum under beds and sofas. It can also convert to a hand-held vacuum cleaner, and using the crevice tool, can clean tight spaces like in-between sofa cushions and under car seats.

Desenio Artwork

Instantly upgrade your college student’s space with beautiful Desenio Artwork. The company has posters and prints, in canvas and with picture frames. Some of the various categories include, sports, music, fashion, nature, photography, and maps and cities. Your college student is sure to find something that they like. A few of our favorites include this Vintage Humpback Poster, and the Blue Monstera Canvas by Leigh Viner. The Chrysanthemum Canvas by Arty Guava and this funny Coco De Paris – Fashion Cat Poster also caught our eye.

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