New podcast series: China’s race to tech supremacy

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China is on a mission to lead the world in technology. The country wants to build the most advanced artificial intelligence develop cutting edge computer chips, design the next generation of robots, and sell the world’s best electric cars. 

In this new season of the FT’s Tech Tonic podcast, longtime China reporter James Kynge finds out what’s behind China’s incredible emergence as a global technology leader, and asks if China is on course to overtake the United States in the global tech race. 

Across the series, Kynge travels to Shenzhen in southern China – a hub for manufacturing and Chinese tech innovation. He also follows Chinese electric vehicle maker BYD to Germany, and witnesses the impact of Chinese technology dominance in Nigeria.

Will China be the next technology superpower? What impact could the tech war with the US have on Chinese tech ambitions? And what will it mean for the rest of the world?

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China’s race to tech supremacy – listen to the series

Part 1 – Shenzhen speed:

Part 2 – Driving into Europe:

Part 3 – Embracing Africa:

Part 4 – Robot generation:

Part 5 – Chatbots and chips:

Part 6 – New frontiers:

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